Tape Reader Series

The featured hardware in this series are the paper tape readers and punches for any NC/CNC machines. These include the following models:

Model 261E7 -- rackmounted tape reader
Model 262E7 -- rackmounted tape reader
Model 262J7 -- rackmounted tape reader
Model HS1000 -- portable tape reader
Model 762B9 -- rackmounted tape reader spooler
Model 782B9 -- rackmounted tape reader spooler

Hardware Standard Features:
-- Reads 5, 6, 7, and 8 level tapes
-- Reads paper, paper mylar, and metalize mylar tapes
-- Tape read speed (CPS) 150, 200, 300, and 400
-- Bi-directional read operation
Hardware Optional Features:
-- RS232 port
-- 128k memory

For hardware descriptions and dimensions, see our specifications sheet. Shown below are a few models of our traditional tape readers (not to scale).

For more information, please contact us. You may also fill out our Information Request form.

model 762 model 262 model HS1000

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